Rice University Math

Influential Mathematicians at Rice

Percy Daniell

Percy Daniell (1912-1924)

Developed and expanded a generalized theory of integration and differentiation now known as 'Daniell Integral'

G.C. Evans

G. C. Evans (1912-1934)

Pioneered use of measure and integration in potential theory; pioneer in developing mathematical models of economics

G.C. Evans

Edgar Odell Lovett (1912-1943)

Served as Rice Institute's first President

Hubert Bray

Hubert E. Bray (1918-1960)

Rice's 1st PhD, named "Trustees' Distinguished Professor of Mathematics" for long service to Rice

Alice Dean

Alice Dean (1921-1946)

Named 1st female Rice Fellow in Mathematics

Szolem Mandelbrojt

Szolem Mandelbrojt (1941-1966)

Worked in analytic functions and classes of infinitely differentiable functions

Jim Douglas

Jim Douglas, Jr. (1957-1968)

Pioneered work on numerical procedures for analyzing complicated differential equations when high speed computational ability was in its infancy

Salomon Bochner

Salomon Bochner (1968-1983)

Recognized for profound and seminal contributions to disparate areas of Analysis, including Almost Periodic Functions, Fourier Analysis, Complex Analysis, Lie Groups, Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, Functional Analysis and Probability Theory

Reese Harvey

F. Reese Harvey (1968-2003)

Introduced calibrated geometries, including special Lagrangian and exceptional geometry

Mary Wheeler

Mary Wheeler (1975-1995)

Developed numerical methods for partial differential equations

Robert Bryant

Robert Bryant (1979-1988)

Conributed to differential geometry, including exterior differential systems, exceptional holonomy, and Finsler geometry